I’m Engaged! Now What?

A Guide to those Wedding Planning TO-DO’s

You’re finally engaged and the excitement is real! Enjoy the moment and take it all in. Once the hype starts to calm and you start thinking through what’s next, here’s a guide to help you through those first planning steps towards happily ever after!14680684_1479119665438058_9068378686666165566_n (1)

  • Set a Date Talk through potential wedding dates and decide which is the most ideal but have a few backups, just in case your first date isn’t available at your venue.
  • Revisit that Pinterest Board! Get inspired by looking through wedding magazines and Pinterest boards to come up with your wedding theme.
  • Create a Guest List Knowing your expected guest count will help you make decisions about the venue you book, the food you will serve and directly correlates to the overall cost of your wedding. Fewer guests always = Less money.
  • Set a Budget Weddings are expensive and things add up quick. Set your budget early to help you stay on track throughout the planning process.
  • Consider a Planner Even for the most organized brides, planning a wedding can be its own full-time job. Consider hiring a planner to take the burden off while allowing you to focus on the fun of wedding planning. I always recommend every bride hire a day of coordinator. Why? I explain it all HERE.
  • Book a Venue Your venue sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. If it’s on the beach it will have a very different tone than a ballroom wedding. After your venue is booked, it will help give you a clear vision for the rest of the decisions you will make and vendors you will book.
  • Secure your Vendors You don’t have to secure all of those vendors right away, but be sure to snag the ones you know you want for sure!
  • Have Fun! Don’t get so lost in the To-Do list that you forget to have some fun! Try on some wedding dresses, start that gift registry and enjoy the engagement parties and festivities to come!

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